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YOGA is the best art and science of life, mankind ever had in the history. Yoga has a significant role to play in the healthy growth of body and mind especially in this age of mounting stress and strain. Because of its manifold benefits, yoga is gaining world wide recognition. But to give impetus to any programme, some platform is required. Therefore, for the preservation and expansion of Yoga, the great ancient culture, art and indigenous sports of glorious India, an organization was required to be constituted at National Level. In view to the realization of that aim, the Pakistan Yoga Federation came into existence.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote, encourage, popularize, standardize and supervise Yoga in the Pakistan.
  • To encourage the formation of Provincial/Divisional and Districts Yoga Associations in Pakistan.
  • To arrange and supervise the National Yoga Championships in Pakistan.
  • To orgainse Yoga Seminars, Workshops, Refresher Courses and Camps.
  • To assist the Yoga Associations to conduct the Yoga Championships of their areas.
  • To conduct the Yoga Refree Examination.
  • To provide the services of Yoga Instructors as and when required by the different areas for the propagation of Yoga.
  • To perform all such others acts as may seem to the Federation to be relevant and conducive to the attainment of the aims/objectives of the Federation.




Yogi Shahbaz Ali Khan Founder of Pakistan Yoga Federation


Yogi Shahbaz Ali Khan Founder of Pakistan Yoga Federation

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