Yoga and Music


Music has always had a strong effect on the emotions, mental states and memory. When used during yoga practice, music can both inspire the individual while strengthening social bonds within the class, giving students a shared experience. Soothing, relaxing music can help a yoga class by creating a calm and peaceful environment and serving as a constant background noise that keeps students focused on their stretching and meditation exercises. More upbeat music is often used in vigorous yoga styles such as power yoga or Ashtanga Vinyasa to sustain a more energetic pace for the class. A well-paced and carefully edited collection can also guide students from one technique or meditative state to the next using sonic clues or fades.


Because music can be a powerful mental stimulant, many instructors think it can distract students from concentrating on the small but significant details they need to master in many advanced postures and meditative states. Music can also bring up powerful emotions during class.

Yoga for Musicians

Become a better musician through yoga. By integrating yoga into your practice routines, you will develop a more focused and concentrated mind for performance. You will be able to increase awareness of how you use your body to allow for proper posture and ease of movement while performing, helping you to avoid overuse injuries and play with greater expression. These concepts, exercises, and practice routines present yoga from the musicians’ perspective, focusing on the direct relationships between using yoga and creating music. You will learn to:
* Practice meditation approaches, breathing techniques, and yoga postures that will help improve musicianship
* Play using healthy posture and technique
* Get more out of your practice through improved focus
* Use your breath to improve your phrasing and also to ease performance anxiety
* Play with deeper expression through inspiration.